The best concepts I have come across in the field of AI is NanoGPT and Brave Leo. Mostly because I really like the thought of using Nano (XNO) for my inquiries, and Brave has become my go-to browser. But you are still using the centralized BigTech options, right?

by Malcolm GladwellMalcolm Gladwell (The tipping point)
Transactive memory is part of what intimacy means. In fact, Wegner argues, it is the loss of this kind of joint memory that helps to make divorce so painful. "Divorced people who suffer depression and complain of cognitive dysfunction may be expressing the loss of their external memory systems", he writes. "They once were able to discuss their experiences to reach a shared understanding... They once could count on this access to a wide range of storage in their partner, and this, too, is gone... The loss of transactive memory feels like losing a part of one's own mind".

If you ever want me to cry, make me do some breathwork. From my own experience, working with the breath is the most powerful healing agent I have come across. It’s accesability is unbeatable: you don’t need kettlebells, a kambo practitioner, a dealer, a supplement or elaborate rituals. (All you need is to subscribe to this website for more breathing audios 😄)

Dagens session:

There is something that’s fundamentally wrong with a dense cityscape ; at its core, it’s jarring to the soul. But some lovely things can come out of the concrete jungle, specially in polarized times like these. Happy to see Deichman be a part of the dialogue that is needed (make diplomacy legit again!), instead of a cancel culture that kept everybody extremely vigilante.