Human beings are nature too

We wrote ourselves out of the definition of nature.

If you look up “Nature” many dictionaries define it as plant life, animal life, or mineral density – literally anything non human.

So we wrote ourselves out of the definition of nature and are displaying that in our philosophy on human health. Our human health is being demonstrated in spades right now.

Many people think that viruses are attacking us, which is a completely erroneous mindset because viruses built us. We are more than 50% viral DNA at the human genome, and 10% are made from retroviruses like the Coronavirus. So we are literally the compilation of viral genomes that have been slowly built over millions and millions of years.

We are the compilation of nature. Nature is never attacking life. It’s always there to create adaptation and bio diversification. If we oppose nature, nature is going to have no choice but to create a cataclysmic event for us. And so we are creating in our opposition, our own demise.

This is where we need the shift to happen. Human beings are Nature too.