The reason why this fraud has gone so far by Henna Maria (Telegram)
The reason why this fraud has gone so far to begin with, is the fact that most people believe themselves to be too dumb to read reality or question things. They have fully adopted the false belief system, that only people with letters after their names are able to scrutinise and verify things. This is by design, as our society is a hierarchical caste system, where us regular folks are simply seen as the cattle for the powers that shouldn't be. It's time for us to realise, that most often the people with all the letters after their names are actually most saturated with theories that have no grounding in Nature, no bearing in reality. They are indoctrinated into different schools of thought, rather than trained to discover the Truth. Independent thinking and intuition is mostly distilled out of their consciousness during their education. At least it takes a very strong soul to be able to guard their freedom of thought through all the schooling. In the famous fairytale, it was the little child who declared "The Emperor has no clothes". It was the kid who could immediately recognise the lie. This is a perfect metaphor to the reality that Truth is self-evident and simple. "There is no pandemic!"