Ny taktikk for å flykte fra 17.mai: Dra til de mest nasjonale symbolene langt unna byer. Eneste eksponering har vært turister som snakker andre språk, eksepsjonell natur og minimalt med korpsmusikk.

This frog has been in a long hibernation. But do you now hear its ribbet? 🐸


Sometimes I find the swimming gems close to the cabin. And sometimes the wind speaks. Returned home with the biggest feather I have found so far. A white swan was the messenger; reminding me of my words and the power they have.

Found my foxhole for the night. Swimming in Borrevannet during sunset brings a lot of associations.

Today the water heals me. The salty waters are a healing agent. Luna gets to swim and hone her frisbee skills.

Frog goes south. Another ceremony in Kristiansand completed, and I had the honor to hold it in my mother tongue (Spanish).