Father traumas are everywhere. You are not alone in this resentment.

As many men in modern societies, I have witnessed these pains from the wounded feminine. And I would say this applies to a lot of women (and men). Men see the effects as demands and expectations, many times unrealistic and/or contradictory in nature. This is not meant as criticism towards women or to glorify masculine reactivity. Men must continue to focus on their work; set goals, clarify purpose, accomplish, provide, staying attuned to both the environment and our bodies. Less distractions like inhumane work schedules and chasing women/sex.

Signs of father wounds in women:

1. The demand for perfection. Although most men want a reflection and being measured to know if we are on track, unrealistic demands can have a devastating effect on men’s self-worth, and serves as a breeding ground for toxic masculinity and incel culture.

2. The trust issue. I would be bold enough to claim that what a man loves in a woman is her vulnerability and openness. But trust is gained in drops, and lost in buckets. Trust issues can keep men on the edge, always in the need to prove they can be trusted. Look at it as a test on your patience. On the other side, men can also see and feel the traumas left in women by previous relationships and/or father wounds. Be empathetic, it’s not easy to be a trusting woman nowadays.

3. A naive woman is a sexy red flag. Innocence has a sexy connotation, but apart from that, I have never quite understood why womem’s naïveté triggered me so much and why they would carry an extreme fear of being alone/single. Jumping into new relationships and underestimating the intentions of other men. We have to accept our differences; men are usually fixed and women are usually fluid. See it as a challenge: Naïveté is where the man steps up in love; from listening to leading.

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If you ever want me to cry, make me do some breathwork. From my own experience, working with the breath is the most powerful healing agent I have come across. It’s accesability is unbeatable: you don’t need kettlebells, a kambo practitioner, a dealer, a supplement or elaborate rituals. (All you need is to subscribe to this website for more breathing audios 😄)

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Let nature do its magic

In the 20th century we created this extraordinary story of “pharmacy”

What an incredible hero narrative has been told of these chemicals that we have extracted from oil, plants, and the microbiome that we then manipulate to create altered, unnatural, and thus patentable, technology for monetization.

The strategy is based on monetizing nature by manipulating her ancient design in an effort to control her. To double down on the financial opportunity, the same companies would come to own our chemical food system, with glyphosate always at the foundation of it – these chemicals block the ability of the microbiome and the plants that we consume to produce the medicines they once contained.

A monopoly on nutrients and the medicine in our food has been built.

There is not a single pharmaceutical drug you can take that can put you into balance.

There is no combination of medications that can bring harmony to over 280,000 different protein structures and millions of protein and hormone pathways that orchestrate human health.

Every drug disrupts these natural pathways of signaling and function. But the hero narrative prevails, and educated people all over the world are waiting eagerly for Pandemic salvation through a highly chemically laden, unnatural vaccine.

In a similar fashion, there are no amounts of probiotics, or dairy protein, or pea protein powders that can bring you the intelligence of nature. It is only in her biodiversity that real health and vital life is fostered.

The truth is, and always will be, that there exists an intrinsic ability for all of us to heal. It is the same intrinsic capacity that allowed us to begin life within the context of the vast life on this planet.

The intelligence of nature is within us, and beneath our feet. If we would step back and let her work her magic we would find grounded health.