The best concepts I have come across in the field of AI is NanoGPT and Brave Leo. Mostly because I really like the thought of using Nano (XNO) for my inquiries, and Brave has become my go-to browser. But you are still using the centralized BigTech options, right?

There is something that’s fundamentally wrong with a dense cityscape ; at its core, it’s jarring to the soul. But some lovely things can come out of the concrete jungle, specially in polarized times like these. Happy to see Deichman be a part of the dialogue that is needed (make diplomacy legit again!), instead of a cancel culture that kept everybody extremely vigilante.

Why I’m learning an indigenous language by Arthur Haines (
Many people who have read any of my posts recently have seen occasional use of a local indigenous language.  This language, Peskotomuhkati-latuwewakon (Passamaquoddy Language), was historically spoken by 20,000 people in eastern Maine and western New Brunswick prior to European contact.  Today, ...

English language has severe limitations when it comes to explaining how connected we are to the earth, as it is not an indigenous language.

11 Secretive Spots to Hide Valuables in Your Home by Jeremy AnderbergJeremy Anderberg (Art of Manliness)
Whether cash, passports, jewelry, or other important valuables, we all have things we need to hide now and again, whether from the prying eyes and hands of children or the unnerving but very real threat of burglars. Luckily, a lot of the stuff you really want to hide is pretty small and inconspicuous.

2021 should be the year to retrieve all your value out of the traditional banking system. Crypto is a nice option for many, but do not underestimate the power of cash/gold/silver/butter when a solar storm hits! But where to put it?