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Ten years ago, real journalist John Pilger, who died yesterday, warned the world that US-backed Nazis were pushing Ukraine and, by extension, the West into direct war with Russia. This article is from 2014, shortly before The Guardian fell to the dark side. John Pilger, your voice will be missed.

Throwback to when journalism was worth reading. The US/military industrial complex have been brewing this proxy war at least since 2014. Hats off to @johnpilger for seeing through the veil – may he rest in peace.

by Time of Transition

Them: You won’t be able to attend a concert or football games

Me: I don’t mind

Them: You can’t go to a large shopping mall

Me: I’ll survive

Them: You can’t drink at the pub

Me: I no longer drink

Them: You can’t enter night clubs

Me: I don’t go out at night

Them: We’ll tell your employer

Me: I don’t have one

Them: We’ll take it from your salary

Me: I don’t have a salary

Them: You can’t go to your job

Me: I don’t have or want your job

Them: You can’t be in the city

Me: I prefer living out in nature

Them: You can’t go to McDonald’s or Burger King

Me: I haven’t in years anyway

Them: You can’t eat at restaurants

Me: I’ll order takeaway

Them: You can’t shop at large grocery stores

Me: I grow my own food and buy from local farmers

Them: You can’t be part of society

Me: I already checked out

Them: Your kids can’t come to school

Me: I’ll homeschool

Them: You’ll be on your own

Me: I’m surrounded by my family and tribe and all the people reaching the same conclusion all over the world

Them: You can’t choose for yourself

Me: I just did

Them: What can we tempt you with?

Me: Nothing