The ultimate warrior medicine

Kambo can be considered the ultimate warrior medicine.

Taken by members of Amazonian tribes for millennia, kambo is used to prepare for the hunt by increasing energy, stamina and sensory perception, whilst decreasing hunger and thirst. It is also known to be used in various tribes as part of an initiation ritual to usher boys into manhood.

When we sit with kambo, we can connect to the masculine essence of this medicine and to the lineage of men who have used it before us.

We connect to the warriors and the hunters, and witness their energy come alive within us.

Kambo gifts us these enhanced hunting abilities, allowing us to hone in on our grandest vision for our lives and hunt it down with courage and precision.

Kambo brings us strength of mind, body and spirit.

Kambo sharpens our mental faculties, allowing for rationality, focus and clear thinking.

Kambo puts us in touch with our inner confidence and leadership qualities. Qualities that are not driven by the ego but by honesty and diplomacy.

Kambo inspires us to take action.

Kambo connects us to the divine masculine energies within us.